Mirror Mirror​

When we post a selfie for the World to see, we eagerly await for the likes and comments.

Positive comments. Why? Because these likes and comments make us feel loved. Mirror mirror on the wall.. do you like me, am I the fairest of them all? Please like my selfie. 

Toshy turns an age-old fairy tale into a product with a contemporary story.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

Standard size


Width x height

27,56 x 44 inch

70 cm x 112 cm

Different sizes on request:



- Gold acrylic + multilayer poplar wood

- Including suspension system

- weight 2 - 4 kilo



- Worldwide


On request


This artwork will be produced on demand and is handpainted and signed on the back by Toshy.

Resellers contact: connect@toshy.nl

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 For enquiries and collaborations: 

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